Managerial | Carly Haaning & Lauren Johnson

Outreach | Hannah Iverson-Jones & Emily DeDoncker

As producers, we are responsible for overseeing, planning, and executing The Fashion Show 2022 and the many events that support it. We started the fall semester by interviewing and selecting our directors, holding weekly meetings and planning for the spring semester. Once classes started in the spring we began working with our committee members and directors to vote for our merchandise, plan for various events, assemble this program, and most of all, coordinate all aspects of the show in April.

A huge aspect of being a completely student-run organization is securing the funding to produce a show of this level. All of our financial resources are a result of annual student fundraising. We were blown away by the generosity of donors during our 2022 fundraising campaign. During our 31-day FundISU Campaign, we exceeded our initial $30,000 goal by over $1,000! Lastly, the producers work with all directors and committees to put on The Fashion Show.

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