Special Events

The Special Events committee plans four major events for The Fashion Show: The Launch Party, Meet the Judges, Tartan Event, and Fashion’s Night Out. For each of these events, the committee decides on a location, decorations, structure of the event, and communicates with other committees like Art, Social Media, and Photography. The Launch Party is an event to launch the guest designer and theme of the show to produce excitement about the show. Meet the Judges is a networking event that gives students, faculty, and the community the opportunity to ask questions to the guest judges about their experiences. The Tartan Event is a competition for students to participate in where they use the Iowa State tartan fabric on half mannequins to create different looks. The mannequins will then be displayed at The Fashion Show to be voted on and the top three winners will get monetary prizes. Fashion’s Night Out takes place the night before The Fashion Show and serves as a celebration of the hard work put into the show. The producers, directors, committees, designers, models, and public are all invited to come to the award ceremony and mingle throughout the night.

Directors: Hailey Kochanny, Hayden Lightle, and Jackie Underhill