Music Direction & Technology

Music and Technology Committee 2023

Directors : Samira Sayeed (left) and Chloe Shepherd (right) 

The Music and Technology Committee has numerous different responsibilities throughout the organization and creation of The Fashion Show. One of the biggest things this committee does is acquire footage at all of the events put on by TFS. This helps produce the intermission video highlighting the show, along with a merchandise video to showcase the upcoming merchandise. Music and Tech conceptualizes and edits these videos. Music and Tech makes all updates to the website, that is cohesive with the theme of the show, and showcases information on TFS that will strengthen the audience experience and explain in more detail what’s happening behind the scenes. Additionally, the Music and Tech committee hires a music producer and works along side them to create a thematic playlist for The Fashion Show. Music and Tech also plans and holds emcee auditions to select your host for the night of the show. Lastly, Music & Tech works alongside professionals to launch a livestream for The Fashion Show to engage external audiences and expand the impact of the production.

Directors: Samira Sayeed and Chloe Shepherd

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