The Design Committee is in charge of multiple events and many people! They are the main line of communication with the designers for the show. Design puts together The Fashion Show entry form for designers to enter items into the show. Next, they organize a “fit day” for designers to fit all of their garments into our wonderful models. Also, Design selects and invites all four guest judges to judge our designer’s garments and choose what makes the show. Lastly, they put together the order of show for the night of the show. Design helps out backstage on the day of the show dressing models and making sure models are in the correct garments. They work closely with Modeling and Gallery and Display for all of the events before the show. Spreadsheets, emails, and many of meetings are some behind-the-scenes tasks accomplished each week. Design is a super busy committee, but they get the opportunity to work with designers and handle all of the amazing garments designers enter each year!

Directors: Sadie Besch, Ellie Hauser, & Nayeli Acosta-Aviles

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