Set Design

The Set Design committee conceptualizes and constructs the set design for The Fashion Show. At the start of the semester, the directors collaborated with their committee by creating mood boards, presenting schematic design ideas, and eventually narrowing it down to one feasible, solidified design. Shortly after finalizing the design, materials were ordered and the committee started to work.

For the second half of the semester, Set Design can be found at the build space for a minimum of 11 hours per week. During the week of the show, the directors and committee members spend many hours transporting and assembling. At last, the set is transformed into its desired existence and the dream becomes a reality. Lastly, Set works with the Treasurers for all purchases for set, along with the Producers and Art to maintain the theme of the show.

Directors: Megan Harms, Colton Foglesong, Nathan Oh, and Sydney Schilling

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