The Fashion Show 2021 merchandise is LIVE and available to purchase. The Fashion Show merchandise sales includes our 2021 Collection, 2020 Collection and Vintage Collection. This year, we are working with Innovate 1858 to sell our merchandise on an online platform. You can order the items online, have them shipped to you or pick them up at the campus store.

Innovate 1858 is a student operated retail store that is overseen by the Apparel, Event, and Hospitality Management Department in the Student Innovation Center. The store is developed and operated by Iowa State’s Apparel Merchandising and Design students and faculty. The store gives students the experience of work hands-on in a retail environment.

We are thrilled to partner with Innovate 1858 for our merchandise sales this year! TFS merchandise is available to purchase on the Innovate 1858 website now until April 30, 2021.

Link to merchandise: