The social media team are the ones behind responding to your DMs, creating media content, and interacting with The Fashion Show audience on a daily basis. A big part of social media’s responsibilities includes curating social media content across all social channels from Instagram, to Facebook, to LinkedIn to create a strong and uniform brand identity for The Fashion Show. Also, they collaborate closely with a variety of other teams like art, fundraising, and public relations to ensure branding stays consistent from both a design and voice standpoint. This team environment enables the social media team to brainstorm unique and innovative ways to increase engagement and reach on multiple platforms.

For The Fashion Show 2021, this creative team of students have come up with various social media campaigns, interviewed current students in The Fashion Show to give the audience an inside look at the people behind TFS magic, and reached out to local businesses to collaborate with on social media giveaways.

Instagram: @isufashionshow