The Modeling committee is very hands-on for the directors and their committee members. Some of the responsibilities we have are model casting with four-hour practices every other Sunday to teach runway techniques and choreography, select the hair and makeup looks for the show that suit every hair and skin type, and work backstage during the entire show. The day of show includes dressing models, verifying everyone is ready to walk on time and fixing “little issues” on garments.

Two of the major projects that the Modeling Committee works on are Fit Day and Judging Day. Fit Day is when every model gets chosen by designers and fitted into their garments which they will walk in during the show. Judging Day is when the guest judges come in to judge and score the fit and look of each garment on the models.

The committee as a whole works closely with many people including The Fashion Show’s faculty advisor, Sarah Bennett-George, the ProducersSet DesignPhotographyDesignMusic & Tech, along with hair and makeup artists in and around Ames, Iowa, to secure the stylists for the show! Modeling’s end goal is to work with other committees and their models to create an amazing and exciting show.

Directors: Carolann Donnelly, Megan Lenzi, Ivy Miller, Madeline Quinlan

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