Behind the Scenes Day is a day-long event that hosts future AMD students, parents, and teachers on campus for a day of activities. For many high school students interested in apparel, this is the day their decision is made to “Choose their Adventure” at Iowa State University. While this year’s BTS day has changed to a virtual BTS weekend, potential students can undergo the same experience from the comfort of their own homes.

This year, students can watch pre-recorded videos about our outstanding faculty, different opportunities an AMD student has, and the overall experience at ISU. Students can also participate in live, interactive sessions on various aspects of the fashion industry throughout the weekend. Finally, we end each day with a Q & A on successful students or a highlight of some talented designers.

Behind the Scenes, Day is a wonderful opportunity to get an inside look into the Apparel, Merchandising, and Design program at Iowa State University. To register for this year’s Behind the Scenes Weekend, register at

Saturday, April 10th 2021 Playlist

Sunday, April 11th 2021 Playlist–nY

Live Sessions 2021