Gallery & Display


Gallery & Display is responsible for the promotion of the show through visual merchandising. They design and install a “Save the Date”, theme, and guest designer window displays to be showcased on campus. They work closely with Art to ensure a cohesive image of The Fashion Show is maintained by utilizing the style guide Art created. For day of show, they design and install a display of the 2D and 3D entries entered into The Fashion Show for judging, as well as a virtual look book featuring all of the garments entered into the show for the public to view during and after the show. The look book also highlights the winning garments of the show. They also collaborate with Art on the design process and installation of a vinyl window display that is featured on the front windows of Parks Library leading up to the day of the show. Their collaborations don’t stop there, as they also create banners that are shown at the entrance of the Alumni event that pay homage to the previous years of TFS and the people that have helped develop the show over the years.